Delightful Commentators

by Adam the Editor

I recently had a delightful comment left on my blog by an individual with the email address:

The individual wrote the following: “Can I suggest you give your time to your new shop assistant role and simply put a link to Mr Porter’s website – because let’s face it that all you seem to post. Oh I am sorry but you also provide laughs by including your fancy dress outfits!”

What I will say is this: I choose to publish posts on Mr Porter because I think Mr Porter, as a concept, works very well and that their buy is actually one of the best on the internet. I do not endorse their website because I feel it is necessary. I endorse their website because I choose to. I am not paid to make such endorsements nor do I receive any other benefits in kind. I will admit that I do produce quite a few posts about the website and products that they have online but I am also not going to change my approach to blogging to please someone who I do not know and will probably never know. If you don’t like it don’t read it!

In relation to my “fancy dress outfits”. I don’t care if people don’t like my style or the clothes that I purchase. I never buy things to please other people or to get approval from individuals I do not know. I buy things because I love them and in my opinion that is all that matters. If this individual feels that my outfit choices are a source of amusement than so be it. I am not going to change my behaviour to suit them.

Apologies for the rant but I think people need to get over themselves and stop belittling other people who have done nothing wrong and who are entitled to produce posts on whatever they like. Going forward, I’d personally appreciate it if my haters keep their insulting views off of my website.

To those who read my blog and enjoy it I thank you immensely for your loyalty and support.