Eastpak Leather Rucksack

by Adam the Editor

Yesterday I uploaded an outfit post for all to see and I hope you very much enjoyed it?!

I realised though that the Eastpak leather rucksack I detailed in the image could hardly be seen (only the strap was visible to be honest) and so I’ve decided to do a separate post just for the bag so that you can actually marvel out how nice it is!

I must admit, not because I own it, but this is the nicest Eastpak rucksack in existence. I love the grainy leather. I also love the size – not too big but not too small – and I adore the simplicity of the design.

I also think, for a 100% leather rucksack the price is VERY competitive! £145… That’s far cheaper than many of the designer equivalents and the quality is still extremely good.

I for one am very pleased and I suggest you all go out and get one too! See it as a wise, rucksack investment.