Kasia Piechocka Jewellery

by Adam the Editor

I am always on the look out for cool, new products, designers and ideas…

I recently stumbled across the jewellery designer Kasia Piechocka who has just graduated from Central Saint Martins. Her debut collection entitled ‘About The Man Who Loved Fishing’, features a vast array of rings, earrings, chains, brooches and pendants that come in an assortment of materials and finishes.

I especially love the following items:

Large Weight Pendant in Silver – £480

Long Fish Chain Necklace – £1,250

Large Weight Ring – £395

The inspiration behind this collection came from the story of a man whose affection for fishing was so great that he would make false baits, new floats and even fishing rods to feed his hobby. This knowledge was subsequently passed onto his daughter who went forth to excel in the world of art and design. The theme is translated into beautiful pieces that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, tradition and heritage.

Each piece is crafted by Kasia in her South London studio and clients are encouraged to give their input into the design process; so much so that Kasia has launched a new initiative that looks set to change the art of jewellery design altogether. Kasia wants someone to ‘inspire her with something that inspires them’. If you visit her website you can submit your inspiration – Kasia is looking to collaborate with the person who submits the best idea and provide them with a custom-made, one-off piece to say thank you!

I think this is a great initiative and one that demonstrates an active progression in the tradition of jewellery design.

Kasia’s amazing pieces can be purchased through Elizabeth Galton Studio, My Flash Trash & F7 Jewellery.

Images courtesy of Kasia Piechocka Jewellery