Thom Browne AW’12 – Menswear

by Adam the Editor

Thom Browne is one of my current ‘fave’ designers for SS’12. I really want a check-shirt/pair of shorts from the current collection and will aim to fulfil this desire before it gets warm and perky.

In the meantime I had to check out his collection for AW’12 that was showcased in Paris the other day.

What can I say??

Thom Browne has an all-together quite different approach to showcasing his collections. This show failed to disappoint but instead left me intrigued as to which pieces would be produced for purchase and which are purely for show.

The colour palette advanced from monochrome shades of black, white and grey to more vivid hues including mint green and pale pink.The signature Browne colour combo of red, white and blue also featured throughout cementing the brand and its image firmly in the minds of us fashion ‘consumers’.

I adored the duck-print blazer and the over-sized check-print coats look great in clashing colours/prints.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted but this is what fashion should be about. I am so bored of seeing so many menswear designers play it safe in order to stay commercially viable. Have some fun especially when it comes to presenting the clothes to the people that you are ultimately expecting to sell to!

A great collection once again and one that I will definitely be hoping to see up close in the not so distant future.

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