Walter Van Beirendonck AW’12 – Menswear

by Adam the Editor

I have never really paid much attention to Walter Van Beirendonck before but after seeing this show I think I should definitely tune in more often.

Colour, texture and silhouette were mashed up and thrown together to create some quite out there looks for a menswear brand. To me, this whole idea appeals greatly, but to most I think this is quite daring and the commercial viability of most pieces is probably non-existent.

The masks were quite scary/freaky/discomforting but maybe that was Walter’s intention? In which case, it works quite well.

I love the suit within a suit that featured heavily towards the start of the show. A very cool, quirky concept and yet technically, a very simple effect to achieve. I also loved the leather wader-esque overalls and the big fuzzy jumpers look perfect for winter.

Definitely not for the average guy but hey! I am not the average guy in terms of dress sense or hopefully, any other sense for that matter, in which case I’ll have the suit from look 1 (see below) and the jumper from look 19 (see below) please…

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