Raf Simons Slim Fit Patterned Jumper

by Adam the Editor

I like the winter. It gives you the perfect excuse to wrap up and keep yourself nice and warm even when it’s freezing cold. The only thing I hate, and this is from living in London, is that as soon as you get on the tube you boil because it NEVER seems to get cold underground. So consequently, when you emerge at your destination you have sweated through all of your nice, dry outerwear. I think, to avoid this situation, I might start travelling by bus or ride a Boris bike…

Anyway, back to the point of this blog. I adore this hand-knitted merino wool jumper from Raf Simons. It would look great with a simple outfit, adding a splash of print and colour. Or, as I do, you could clash it with other colours and prints for a visual overload.

It also subtly channels the tribal trend…

£345 from Mr Porter