Inbar Spector SS’12

by Adam the Editor

I generally don’t blog about Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows as I find most of them don’t really thrill me. Inbar Spector however failed to disappoint.

Her SS’12 collection was inspired by visions of violence, fire, medical prosthetic devices and terrifying clinics. Gothic references are also prevalent. Lace, silk and perforated faux leather have a strong prominence throughout the collection. The colour scheme consisted of a multitude of monochrome colours; mainly white, silver and gold as well as the odd injection of powder pink and mint green.

I loved the progression of structure in the garments. The first few pieces were light and easy; slowly progressing into more complex, structured creations that eventually bordered on the couture-esque level exhibited by the established fashion houses.

The intricacy of design was obvious and the workmanship behind each piece was clear for all to see. The last few dresses; with silk and perforated honeycomb elements were breathtakingly incredible. The movement of each dress left me speechless.