Ashish SS’12

by Adam the Editor

Ashish Ashish Ashish… What can I say??? As people who follow my blog will know; I love colour and print especially when they clash in such a ‘that shouldn’t work but it does…’ kinda way! Ashish you have ticked all the boxes for me for SS’12.

I know Ashish pretty much always does sequins BUT he does sequins so well that I think I can let him off on that one. The flower theme has been a recent trend for SS’11 but I love the way Ashish has executed the print design for his pieces. They almost look like paintings which have had sequins overlaid to give a high-gloss finish.

The military boots with dainty flowers paired with summer maxis was also a neat touch proving that grunge glamour is still in. I also loved the hats; very country-chic. Makes me reminisce about summertimes gone by when I could actually just chill out and not have anything to stress about on a long hot summers day.

I think that the brand is very daring for the majority of the industry but judging by the number of people I spotted wearing Ashish AW’11 yesterday I think there is still a definite market. And even if there isn’t; I think Paloma Faith would have no issue with being the brand rep and wearing the clothes everyday if it meant the brand could continue.

I also loved the closing of the show where all of the models lined up to create a mass of print and colour. Very stunning and very effective.

Ashish. I salute you!