London Fashion Week

by Adam the Editor

So London Fashion Week is less than a month away and my ticket requests have all been sent… It’s now just a case of waiting to see which shows I get tickets for! I’m not expecting miracles but I do hope that some of the PR agencies, especially those that allocated me tickets last season, take note and realise that this online ‘publication’ has great potential and should be used to their advantage. I feel that, when I attend a show, especially one that I like, it is only fair to produce a show report and send a link to the appropriate agency. I know for a fact that there are many ‘bloggers’ and ‘writers’ out there who couldn’t care about producing show reports or providing an opinion on a collection. They merely want to attend the shows in order to brag to friends and colleagues about what they got up to at LFW.

So, a note to the PR agencies that are probably viewing my site and questioning why I should be allowed to attend your show. I am committed and hard-working. I don’t earn ad revenues from this site and I don’t get any form of sponsorship or gifting. I post to this site out of sheer enjoyment. I love fashion and follow fashion religiously. I think it is only fair that the PR agencies out there respect this fact when casting their judgement over me.

Fingers crossed that I get some tickets in the next few weeks! I have a few pending already and, unsurprisingly, a few declines also. I shall persevere however and keep my head held high as fashion week approaches.