Prada Espadrille Brogue: UPDATE

by Adam the Editor

So as some of you may know, I ordered my Prada brogues back in June! As of today, Monday 1st August, my order no longer exists. I have unfortunately cancelled my order due to Prada’s incompetence at delivering a product as and when promised. When I placed my order I specifically asked how long the shoes would take to arrive to which I was informed 4-6 weeks. It has now been nearly 8 and I was informed today that my shoes would not arrive until at least 29th September! This is definitely more than 4-6 weeks and is frankly unacceptable… By the time the shoes would have arrived they would actually be completely impractical in terms of wearability through AW’11 and therefore a complete waste of money.

To soften the blow however, I have successfully located a pair in black without the straw ‘espadrille’ element. They still have the platform and they’re still a brogue and they’re available NOW! With any luck I shall be acquiring them on Friday pending my refund from Prada.

Selfridges are a life saver for having them in stock! Image will follow soon…