Givenchy Menswear SS’12

by Adam the Editor

Givenchy loves print and SS’12 proves that this statement is still applicable to the French fashion house. The colours mainly centre around green and white with a military aesthetic coming through.

I must admit, even though a full, digital print suit may seem OTT, I really like it! I think, on me at least, it could definitely work. It’s just a shame that, once a store like stocks it, the price will be way way WAY out of my budget… I might just have to save my pennies and opt for one of the cheaper baseball caps or basic jumpers that will inevitably find their way onto the open market as well.

I find it interesting to note that many brands want us men to start embracing skirts and dresses. Rick Owens for example showcased a whole collection of floor-length ‘gowns’ and skirts in true Rick Owens style. Givenchy have also attempted a push with the skirt although theirs are much shorter; hitting just above the knee.

I think a skirt on a man can look interesting (I wouldn’t mind giving one a go myself) but I can’t really imagine where one would get away with wearing a skirt without attracting unwanted attention from belligerent, non-fashion types that don’t know a thing about trends! I think it’ll only be a matter of time until a man wearing a skirt is seen as the norm and where people can be even more free with their choice of dress in many societies. Until then however, I think I may just stick to my trousers…

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