Marc Cain AW’11

by Adam the Editor

Me and two of my friends popped along to Fashion Press Week at One Marylebone yesterday to check out the designers on show.

Most of the brands were quite commercial with the likes of Austin Reed, Country Casuals and Thomas Sabo; the spaces dedicated to these brands were also quite small. Marc Cain on the other hand dominated the main room with a large section dedicated to the AW’11 collection for the brand.

The space had been merchandised well and there were many looks on display. I didn’t realise but Marc Cain, founded in 1973, doesn’t have a huge London presence. It’s only really stocked in House of Fraser and it doesn’t show at LFW or even at the designer’s exhibition. I’m not too sure why this is as I think the brand, on the whole, has quite a strong image with some statement pieces.

For AW’11, rabbit fur featured strongly as well as fine knits, sheepskin, wools, cashmeres as well as silks and lace. The colour palette was rather subdued with a strong focus on a monochrome theme with the odd splash of camel. Subtle camouflage also featured on a number of pieces.

There were some great pieces, including a reversible sheepskin coat in grey. I also particularly liked one of the ‘featured looks’ which paired a pussy-bow silk blouse with a camel coloured, crepe pleated skirt. Very 50s chic.

Footwear was quite varied with kitten heels next to worker style boots next to loafer style pumps.

The mixture illustrated how versatile the collection is. It also showed how Marc Cain likes to present its wholesale clients with as broad a width of choice as possible in order to ensure that there is something for everyone. This wide spectrum could, in my opinion, alienate some. It could almost be a physical, fashion form, of information overload where there is far too much choice to make a discernible decision.

Overall though, I think the collection does have a certain cohesion. After all, the brand has to appeal to the high street more than anywhere else as it would seem, in the UK at least, this is it’s largest market. I think, bearing this in mind, the AW’11 collection is quite a strong, well-made offering.