Today I’m Wearing… 17th May 2011

by Adam the Editor

I have finally got round to wearing my new Vivienne Westwood Lee jeans and I’m so pleased with the outfit as a whole…

I am starting to really build up a collection of Westwood and I’ve decided I shall now only invest in Westwood Gold Label or World’s End.

MAN is just far too commercial for my liking and the prices are still quite high for what are, in my opinion, fairly safe and boring pieces… When I buy a piece of Westwood I feel like I’m investing in a piece of artistic history. Each piece looks unique and doesn’t really belong to any particular ‘trend’.

I like how I could wear these pieces in ten years time and they’ll still look current and cool.

My next investment will hopefully be in the footwear department. I have been eyeing up a pair of pirate boots for a long time now BUT I just feel they’ve been done a LOT especially by the pretty boy, metrosexual crowd up North. I’m thinking a pair of rocking horse sandals may be a better, slightly more affordable choice!

Sunglasses РRay Ban, Long Sleeve Top w/ Ribbed Collar and Cuffs РVivienne Westwood Gold Label,  Metallic Fringed Jeans РVivienne Westwood x Lee Denim, Trainers РNike x Casette Playa