Birkin Lust

by Adam the Editor

I know I post too many ‘articles’ on the Birkin bag but I saw this and had to upload it… I have the latest issue of the ever-amazing Self Service magazine and there is a one-page feature on Marco Zanini’s small collection of Birkin bags. Marco Zanini for those not in the know is the current creative director at Rochas.

It would appear that he owns around 9 of the beauties including a super rare Sac de Voyage Haute à Courroie 50 in two-tone. The bag dates from the 1940s and was actually part of a travel set composed of 12 suitcases and trunks. Each bag bore the crest of the aristocratic family to which they originally belonged. Zanini ended up sending the bag to Hermès to recondition.

Overall, a very nice collection especially one that is owned solely by a man…