Daniel Lismore

by Adam the Editor

In my opinion, Daniel Lismore is a chameleon.

He can change his look at the click of a finger and boy does he know how to do a look! There is no such thing as OTT when it comes to Daniel and I love that… He has an innate sense of style and knows how to dress without suppressing his individual personality…

He successfully runs East London club nights and has a massive following in both the fashion and club scene worlds. He has met countless faces and sat front row at countless shows and I think this guy needs honouring.

There are far too many ‘new’ fashionistas who think they’re ‘it’ when, in my opinion, they are from ‘it’. I respect anyone who has the confidence to go clubbing with their head through a cardboard i-D cover or in full costume and wig. I’ve posted some images below but click here to view a really cool video that i-D have uploaded onto their website!

Long live Lismore…

Images courtesy of Daniel Lismore