Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear Hi-Tops

by Adam the Editor

OK, so yesterday I clearly stated I would not be getting my hands on a pair of these but 24 hours later and I have!

Yes they are bright pink but I don’t care; they’re different and unique and that’s all that matters.

Yes they are fluffy and completely impractical for London BUT I shall wear them only on dry, sunny days and pack a second pair of shoes just in case I encounter a single drop of rain.

They are a UK 10 which means they are definitely NOT intended for women before anybody turns around and says they’re girls shoes! I have wanted these shoes for so long and now I finally have them.

These are sold out everywhere (especially in brown) and will not be coming back into stores so if you do find a pair BUY THEM!

Oh and the teddy bears look so happy and smiley! 🙂