Ziad Ghanem AW’11

by Adam the Editor

The Ziad Ghanem show can, in my opinion, be summed up in one word: Incredible

I was expecting quite a simple, wearable collection with a little bit of East London charm. Instead, I was confronted with couture dresses that were so intricate and luxurious in their detail that I began to wonder whether I was in fact at couture week in Paris. The opening model lifted 10 feet in the air whilst another walked on point like a ballerina. Make-up was OTT BUT in a good way and the mixture of sizes, genders and heights provided a fun variety that stirred the audience and made them take notice.

I have to say, my favourite piece has to be the sequinned, floor-length gown worn by a buxom, glamorous model with a feathered headpiece. The dress just oozed red-carpet sex appeal.

I also loved the dove digital print that featured on a few of the dresses. The colour palette was so varied it was hard to tell if I was witnessing an AW show or even a SS one. Again, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Fashion isn’t always about practicality and I think it’s great that Ziad felt confident enough to showcase a collection that did not stay fixed within a seasonal boundary.

Overall, I have to say the show was pure theatre. Definitely worth seeing just for the entertainment factor but in this instance, also worth witnessing for the amazing, beautiful clothes that this guy has turned out. As long as Ziad keeps showing, I shall keep attending!