Bora Aksu AW’11

by Adam the Editor

The colour palette at Bora Aksu was mainly dark and grungy with the occasional injection of bright emerald green.

Draping was a key feature of the collection as was panelling which helped to create an armour-plated effect on tops and dresses. The level of detail was incredible with many pieces looking intricate but at the same time very tough and utilitarian. The collection felt very succinct and well thought out whilst maintaining an edgy, pioneering design aesthetic.

Judging by the crowd that gathered for this show, there is a high level of interest in the brand which puts pressure on the designer to deliver. In this instance, Aksu did on so many levels.

I think overall, this collection is a great showcase for young British design talent. I don’t however think any new trends will have been set from this collection but it is interesting to note that a lot of designers have incorporated some form of draping in a monochrome colour scheme.